Rules & Regulations

  • Allergy Alert

    Please be aware that several of our children have severe allergies to nuts. Be extremely cautious when sending in snacks for either the entire class or for your own child, even if he or she does not have an allergy. There can be no nuts (any type), peanut butter, or peanut oil in any product sent into school. These products can be fatal to the children if even a slight residue is left behind on the chair or table. If you question whether or not a product contains a nut ingredient, please be on the safe side and don’t send it in! This is extremely important. This rule applies to any goodie bags brought in for birthday parties, candy or food brought in for school parties, or candy and treats given out at holidays.  Anything that you send in must contain an ingredients list.

  • Release of Children

    Children will only be released to the person who has enrolled the child, unless prior arrangements have been made with a staff member for an alternate pick up. In an emergency, the child will be released to a person on the Emergency Release Form. All persons unfamiliar to the staff will be asked for proper identification before your child will be released. Any persons suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not have access to the child.

  • Accompaniment of Children

    Every child is to be accompanied into The Meadow’s School and to his or her teacher. Each child is assigned a hook and a cubby for their belongings. Children’s cubbies should be checked upon pickup for school work, notices, soiled clothing, etc. These items must go home daily.

  • Health Regulations

    Medicine will be administered only after a receipt of written approval. All prescription medicine must be prescribed in the name of the child and in the original container.

    In compliance with the State of New Jersey, The Meadow’s School will not admit a child who has had a fever or any symptom of a communicable disease within the last twenty four hours. Symptoms can include sore throat, headache, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, redness of the eyes, etc. All children must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child becomes ill at our center, you will be called to come for your child within an hour’s time. If you are unable to pick up, you are responsible to have another adult pick up the child within the hour. Please confer with the school’s director before your child’s return to school.

    Communicable Disease and Return to School
    • Chicken Pox– 7 days, all pox scabbed and dry
    • Diarrhea– No episodes within 24 hours
    • Vomiting– No episodes within 24 hours
    • Conjunctivitis– Pus free and 24 hours of medication
    • Lice– Nit free
    • Fever– Fever free for 24 hours without the aid of a fever reducer
    • Strep– 24 hours of medication
    • Coxsackie Virus– Fever free for 24 hours, blisters scabbed and dry
  • Hours of Operation

    • 7:00am – 6:30pm
    • Monday – Friday
    • Part time enrollment is available for two, three, or four days per week
  • Holiday Closings

    • Labor Day
    • 2 Days Thanksgiving
    • 2 Days Christmas
    • New Year’s Day
    • President’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
  • Emergency Closings

    The Meadow’s School does not normally close for inclement weather. We will close if a State of Emergency is declared or if the decision to close is made by our administration. You will be notified at the earliest convenience of such closing.

  • Recommended Items

    • 2 crib sheets
    • diapers
    • wipes
    • bibs or cloths
    • bottles
    • daily schedule
    • baby food
    • 2-3 changes of clothes


    • 1 crib sheet
    • 1 blanket
    • diapers
    • wipes
    • bibs
    • bottles
    • 2-3 changes of clothes
    • sippie cups


    • 1 crib sheet
    • 1 blanket
    • 2 changes of clothes
    • diapers*
    • wipes*


    *if required

    All items must be clearly labeled with child’s first name and last initial. Each piece of the item should be labeled if it has more than one component, for example: bottle and cap should both be clearly labeled. New Jersey regulations mandate that no students shall have pillows, crib bumpers, stuffed animals, or other soft bedding items.