Our Community

  • “Children are one third of our population and all of our future."

    - Select Panel for the Promotion of Child Health, 1981
  • Families Growing Together

    The community of people at The Meadow’s School is truly a tight-knit family.  First friendships are made and lasting ties are formed.  Families grow together and keep in touch, with us as well.  It is so good to see our children growing up over the years!

    We are a small school community of people, families and children with one thing in common, love, mutual respect and work towards the common good.  When you step inside The Meadow’s School, you feel the warmth and happiness that can only transpire from the people and children that make up our beautiful school.

  • Stewardship

    Most children understand that an act of kindness toward another brings a sense of joy and helps them feel good.  This is a continued journey that begins in childhood and is taught early on.  To act upon the needs of others and our environment, builds strong character and helps make our world a better place for us all.  To that end, our school community takes part in stewardship projects throughout the year.  We rely on parent involvement to help us make a small but important impact on the world that we love.

  • Wow Experiences

    During each study there are several planned for WOW experiences to enhance that study. This ranges from visitors to talk about the topic, field trips to special activities and more!  By being a part of the WOW experience, you will feel the joy and excitement that makes our school a wonderful place to learn.

  • Parent Involvement & Volunteering

    During each study and for special and important events throughout the year, we extend our experiences to our families.  Family engagement is an important component of your child’s educational experience at The Meadow’s School. Not only can it increase your knowledge about our programs, it demonstrates to your child, the interest that you take in their school life.  The connection between home and school is so important for success.  Our programs have many opportunities for family involvement, even for those families that are working full time.  Some of the ways that you can be involved are to help make things for the program, share your culture, share your talents or job, participate in a study, help with our technology, enjoy or volunteer doing our WOW experiences and field trips.  We are also always looking for parents to help manage drop offs and pick ups and everyone loves a good story read by a family member!  We welcome all family members from parents to grandparents, aunts and uncles to friends and neighbors.

  • Parent Information & Parenting Tips

    We provide invaluable resources to parents throughout the year.  These include weekly newsletters, called Letters to Families, which describes how children learn, how teachers support this learning, and what you can do at home to help. We also include Sharing Our Thoughts, which gives parents a glimpse at what we know and like to share with you.  This is very helpful, because it covers a multitude of information such as stress in children, the birth of a sibling, picky eaters, potty training, creativity, STEAM and so much more.

    Additionally, we offer a set of activities called Learning Games.  These researched-backed games produce life-long benefits for children 0-5.  Improved reading and math skills are only two of those positive results!

    And finally, we provide our families with a valuable resource called ReadyRosie.  ReadyRosie is a research-based parenting curriculum that builds on parents’ knowledge. ReadyRosie harnesses the power of video and mobile technology to empower families and schools to work together to promote school readiness.