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  • Many of your children will be with us for the major portion of the day.

    For this reason our staff is chosen with meticulous care. The expected number of daycare operators from 2017 to 2021 is estimated to grow from 816,343 to 856,238. Our head teachers are experienced with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. More importantly, they will not only provide a learning environment, but a loving one. Each staff member has proven to be patient, loving and understanding. They are all certified in First Aid and CPR and every staff member has been fingerprinted and has had a full background check.

    • Madeline A. Neu
      Executive Director

      Madeline is the Executive Director of The Meadow’s School. She opened the school in October 2001 when expanding her original child care center which was operating since October 1981. Madeline received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education and was a Kindergarten teacher for Carlstadt Public Schools. She has touched the lives of many families by giving children a safe and loving place to learn and grow.

    • Heather Neu
      Administrative Director

      Heather received her Bachelor’s Degree and along with many years of experience in child care, brings a flair for creativity and a wealth of new and exciting ideas to the the staff, children and parents.

    • Cynthia M. Neu
      Administrative Director & Program Director

      Cynthia is our Administrative Director who has been working with us since 1988. Her many years of experience in child care has given her a vast knowledge of the child’s needs and developmental requirements. Cynthia’s talent is recognizing each child and their own ability, which gives them the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace.

    • Tracy Paskas
      Head Teacher

      Kindergarten Teacher
      Tracy has worked at our center since September 1992 with both the Pre-K 4 and the Kindergarten classes. Tracy is a certified teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She is loving and creative and her classroom exemplifies her dedication to the art of teaching.

    • Kristen Boros
      Science Teacher and Group Teacher

      Kristen has worked with us since 2010 with our Pre-K 4 class. She is a certified teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education for ages preschool – 8th grade. She is an animal and science lover who implements our science program with her vast knowledge of the subject.

    • Monda Sokoli
      Group Teacher

      Pre-K3 class
      Monda has been teaching with us since October 2003. She is extremely warm and affectionate to all of the children. Monda has years of experience in child development along with her CDA certification, Associate in Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education, and Child Development Associates Degree. Her classroom is always brimming with anticipation for the next exciting experience.

    • Maria Penaherrerra
      Group Teacher

      Preschool class
      Maria has worked with us since 2007. She is a very kind-hearted teacher who cares about her work with children. Maria holds a CDA certificate and has many years experience working with young children. Her students love her easy going demeanor and fun learning activities.

    • Mary Rose Hakansson
      Art Teacher and Teacher’s Aide

      Mary Rose has worked with us since 2008. She contributes her many talents in art to our programs. Mary Rose received her Bachelor’s degree in Art History and had worked previously as a graphic designer. Mary Rose is an integral part of our preschool and Kindergarten program. Mary Rose coordinates an exciting art show in June to showcase the talents of our Kindergarten children.

    • Crystal DeMasi
      Teacher’s Aide

      Crystal began working with us in 2016. She is currently earning a CDA and has many hours working with young children. Crystal has a unique way of engaging each child in activities and is a great asset to our program.

    • Miss Hilda
      Toddlers’ Teacher

      Hilda is an infant/young toddler teacher. She has been working with our infant classes since January 2004. She is a warm, loving teacher to all of the children.

    • Miss Sharon
      Infant Teacher

      Sharon is our infant caregiver. She has been working with us since September 2005. Sharon gives infants the love and attention they need and is kind and gentle to our new parents as well!

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