Our Programs

  • Overview

    Our unique programs for each age group, applauded by early childhood experts worldwide, will provide every child with an array of experiences and mediums to develop each child to their fullest potential. The Meadow’s School provides each child with consistent and responsive caregiving and teaching.  This is so important for early childhood development that we make it our number one priority in all of our age groups, beginning with our infants. When infants and children are cared for in a consistent and responsive way, they have the security that they need to trust their caregivers and teachers. This is the foundation to which all healthy development begins. This is why it is so important to us!

    Our program makes it safe for children to explore the world around them, not just physically safe but emotionally safe, safe to try new things, safe to take a break and rest in the sunshine, safe to understand one’s feelings and safe to learn how to manage oneself in relationships with others.

    A child must trust that he can express himself and still be accepted and supported.

    In this setting, our teachers understand child development, and children learn the world will support their efforts to succeed. The teacher will help establish constructive habits, patterns of self-motivation, and social interaction that will serve him throughout his life. Each child will be supported in their unique development.

    • Infant
      Primary caregiver for each infant.
      • Up to 12
        Month Old Children
      • 8
        Average Class Size
    • Toddler
      primary caregiver for each toddler.
      • 1-3
        Year Old Children
      • 8
        Average Class Size
    • Pre-School
      Head teacher with an aide.
      • 3-4
        Year Old Children
      • 15
        Average Class Size
    • Kindergarten
      Head teacher with an aide.
      • 5-6
        Year Old Children
      • 15
        Average Class Size
  • Infant & Toddler

    Our loving caregivers will dedicate their time to making sure that your baby’s stay is comfortable and secure.  All of our infant rooms have the look and feel of a comfortable, safe, and loving place to be. Our caregivers will assure that each infant is nurtured with loving and capable hands.  Each classroom is specially designed to challenge and promote development for each specific age group.  Infants and Toddlers will explore the amazing new world of Language Arts, Music, Art, Movement, Science, Dramatic Play, and Social Studies along with the discovery of fundamental milestones like sitting, crawling, and walking.

  • Pre-School and Kindergarten

    Your child will be given the opportunity each day to visit, along with his assigned teacher and classmates each of our specialty classrooms. Our program is enriched with an abundant amount of materials pertaining to the subject matter of the room and the curriculum. Teacher guided lessons as well as child initiated activities will provide a learning experience beyond all conventional child care programs. A Language Arts, Science and Computer, Math, Social Studies, Music and Movement, Art, and Library will encourage your child to explore new horizons. In addition to our specialty classrooms, The Meadow’s School provides a lunchroom for meals and kitchen for cooking activities. As of 2015, approximately 3.64 million children were enrolled in public kindergartens.

  • Additional Programs and Services

    The Meadow’s School provides television monitors that provide access to view your child from our office at any time.  Three large play areas divided according to age group completes your child’s home away from home.  Outside our doors offers great opportunities to explore the world around us.  Field trips are planned regularly to visit new and exciting places that give us a fun and different approach on learning.  Nutritious breakfast, lunch, and two snacks are included for children ages 18 months and over.  All meals are cooked and prepared on site.  Children of all ages are encouraged to learn about different cultures and traditions through teacher guided lessons, foreign language introduction, and incorporating traditional holidays and celebrations from around the world.  We offer extracurricular activities year round such as dance, piano, gym, and kung fu.

  • Our Studies by Month

  • September – Beginning the Year
    October – Simple Machines
    November – Bread
    December – Music
    January – Clothes
    February – Boxes
  • March – Pets
    April – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
    May – Trees and Gardening
    June – Exercise
    July – Balls
    August – Roads and Buildings
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