Mission & History

  • The Meadow’s School is a private school serving a diverse community of families.

    A child-centered and challenging curriculum empowers each child to progress on his or her own developmental path to their greatest ability. We accomplish our mission through love, patience, educational experiences and great care given to the very young child as they begin their journey into a complex world.

  • We Believe That:

    • A good self image breeds success
    • That positive role models help children believe in themselves
    • That children’s ideas and feeling are worthwhile
    • That it is best to empower a child by giving them choices
    • That children learn by multi hands-on experiences and learn by using all of their senses
    • That parents and teachers should work together
    • That we should all celebrate a child’s accomplishments
    • That we should have a sense of humor and laugh often
  • Our Goals

    • To focus on helping each child feel good about themselves, deal with feelings appropriately, develop friendships, welcome diversity and accept challenges
    • To challenge each child to do their best in all that is attempted
    • To ensure that adults and children alike see the importance of being kids, helpful, and courteous to others
  • A Brief History

    The Meadow’s School was born in 1978 during a time when many parents wanted a nursery school experience for their child. As one of the first nursery schools in the area, The Meadow’s School was opened as a small morning program. It was in session for 3 hours, twice per week with about 42 children.  The children were taught in one classroom that was converted from a finished basement by one teacher and our founder, Madeline Neu. 

    During the late 70’s and early 80’s, the United States was in a period of trying to restructure itself. Part of this was an influx of women entering the workforce.  This time is often remembered as a crucial first step in the development of The Meadow’s School as we now know it. 

    Due to high demand and with little room to grow in the one-classroom basement, in 1981 we purchased a stand alone building which was converted into our first school from a small bowling alley and bar.  There we opened one of the areas first full time daycare to children over 2.5 years of age.  We named our new school Sand Castles Learning Center.  This was a huge step from a one classroom basement with part time nursery school to a school with full time children.  On October 29,1981 we had approximately 45 children on the first day!

    As we learned to provide the same exceptional education and care to our full time preschoolers, we saw a need to provide the same for infants and toddlers.  In 1989, we opened our very first infant and toddler program. 

    In 2001 we expanded to a second location and named it The Meadow’s School. This new building was a tremendous step for us. We were challenged to expand our programs and fine tune our classrooms. We added a full day kindergarten, an indoor gym, multiple playgrounds and enrichment programs.  On opening day we only had 6 children.  Over the next 19 years we grew to over 150 children!

    The Meadow’s School was an enormous undertaking and we decided to give it our full attention.  We sold Sand Castles Learning Center in 2005.

    The Meadow’s School in present day- In 2020, an opportunity presented itself to provide our families and staff a premier experience at our current location. Our campus brings to life the best that early education has to offer and fulfills our vision that began 1978.

  • A Dedicated Family

    Growing up with high set goals for the family business was a strong learning experience for me and my sisters. Many weekends, holidays and summers were spent preparing lessons, painting classrooms, and creating props and costumes for plays and graduation. We were an “all-in” family.  Some of my best memories of my childhood were days spent with my parents and sisters having fun, playing, planning and creating!  Sand Castles Learning Center was truly a home for me as it was for so many other children and it was great. Not to say that it wasn’t all hard work. At the end of the day, I’d come home dirty, exhausted and utterly spent. And I still do!  That’s the beauty in what we do. As an adult I can see more clearly how all this work has paid off. We have a strong commitment to our work, to each other and to our families and staff. We work hard and aren’t afraid of working hard.  We support one another and share a unique family bond. Many people that look at our family see that strength in us. Sand Castle has a huge spot in my heart. We built wonderful memories together and have plenty of things to talk about looking back. Some of my favorite photos of our family are at Sand Castles.

    Once we moved to The Meadow’s School, I grew into the person I am today. I developed a strong foundation in early childhood education, business management, special needs and child development theory and practice. It is at The Meadow’s School  that I grew into my role as Program Director and Administrative Director. Today I actively seek higher goals and expectations for every part of what we do. I apply my knowledge to guide a new generation of teachers and caregivers. As I go forward, it is my deep wish that every child, family and person that I have contact with will find value in what I have to offer.  I am excited to continue to work with many children, families and teachers and go forward with high hopes for the future. 

    - Cindy