Our Food

  • Nutrition, Exercise and Rest

    We believe that a healthy diet is fundamental for your child.

    Recent research has discovered a strong correlation between eating healthy foods and a child’s ability to concentrate, learn and grow. This is why we are following The Smarter Mealtimes Movement, a nationwide movement that is based on proven strategies to encourage children to eat healthy foods at mealtimes. Children receive encouragement from their teachers and classmates to choose and try a healthy foods that they otherwise may pass over. If children choose vegetables first and actually eat them by the end of the meal, they are awarded a sticker! This is a big deal for them.

    Mealtimes and snack times are also learning times and the class sits family style with the teacher sitting with them. This encourages communication, a family-like atmosphere, and attention given to the particulars of table manners. Children help prepare the food, set the table, serve themselves, and clean up after themselves. Proper hand washing is a must! We teach how to choose appropriate portions and foods based on nutritional value. We provide both 2 fruits and 2 vegetables with our lunches and whole grains in our menu planning. Vegetarian is an option and we cater to special diets and allergies. We serve organic milk and water throughout the day (we opt for organic when possible). We limit foods that are high in fats, added sugar and sodium. Our breakfasts and snacks include a protein and a fruit or vegetable and our Healthy Foods snack time is an opportunity for children to follow basic recipe cards to create their own snack on their own. All of our foods have silly or fun names to attract children’s interest in them.

    Each class, beginning at age 3, has their own cooking area which allows children a place to prepare and taste food. Aside from our cooking area, we provide many cooking experiences within our monthly studies and we include many different cultural foods to explore. Food is a delightful part of our every day!

    Infant children bring in their own foods daily. There is some storage for extra breastmilk, baby food, and formula.

    Birthdays and Celebrations – We want your child to celebrate their birthday with us. For that reason we allow goodies (except with added nuts), to be brought in.  Every item that is brought, however, must include it’s ingredients. We encourage healthy choices.


    Our classes practice yoga and get plenty of daily exercise with physical fitness, games and activities. We go outdoors to our natural play ground for fresh air, play and exploration.

    Every quiet activity is follow by a movement activity so that the children aren’t sitting all day in their class. Our classrooms are set up with a movement center because children at this age have to move. Children have the opportunity to learn while they are moving giving them some control in their learning, independence, and a chance to have additional fine motor and gross motor skill practice. Children are free to move about the classroom to the many different areas and may choose to work on a mat on the floor, or at a table with a tray, at an easel, or simply at an area of choice. Movement during yoga, dance, music, and art gives children opportunities to express themselves.

    All of this movement, keeps children busy and helps manage our classrooms. We combine this with big body play and emphasize the importance of physical activity and rest. If a child needs a nap or rest anytime during the day, we allow it, unless otherwise requested by the family.

    Our infant classes are not loaded with seats, swings and jumpers. This is because we want them to practice tummy time and move around, building their confidence and large muscles which are essential skills for physical development. Infants, toddlers and twos also have outdoor time and physical programs that are age appropriate for their development.