Our Food

  • Nutrition, Exercise and Rest

    We believe that a healthy diet is fundamental for your child.

    Recent research has discovered a strong correlation between eating healthy foods and a child’s ability to concentrate and learn.  Mealtimes and snack times are also learning times.  We teach table manners and how to choose appropriate portions and healthy foods based on nutritional value.  We provide both fruits and vegetables and whole grains in our menu planning and serve organic milk and water throughout the day. We limit foods that are high in fats, added sugar and sodium.  

    Breakfast, lunch, and two snacks will be provided for all toddler, preschool, and kindergarten children at no extra charge. Parents may also opt to bring their own food for their child.

    Our curriculum includes a puppet and magic show that teaches children about the importance of healthy eating and exercise.  The children also enjoy many cooking activities that promote healthy eating and to teach measuring and fine motor skills.  Some of the cooking activities that our classes do are making stone-soup, applesauce, friendship salad, and our annual Thanksgiving feast.  We also celebrate different cultures with International Food Day and Chinese food on Chinese New Year.

    Our classes practice daily exercise with gym games and activities and getting outdoors for fresh air and play.  We combine fun big body play and emphasize the importance of physical activity and rest. Our infant classes practice tummy time and are taken out for walks on our campus (weather permitting) too!

    Each child will be afforded a rest and/or sleep period.