A Letter from the Directors

  • Welcome to The Meadow’s School!

    We are excited to share our school community, curriculum and love for what we do.

    We strive to provide a warm, loving, educational and child centered program for our children and students and a supportive and personal relationship with our families. Our students and children are encouraged to develop their confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline, allowing for their growth in their own individualized program. That’s right!  Each child is provided opportunities to develop their skills and talents at an individualized pace. Given that opportunity, imagine how strong and confident your child will become. We do not measure a child’s strengths against another child’s weaknesses.  We are all here to promote self-worth in our students and children. By doing so your child has a greater opportunity to succeed and engage in our school community. We want our children to feel good about themselves.

    Because attachment is so important for the young child, our programs, right down to discipline, are designed with attachment in mind. We create a strong attachment with each child, ensuring that they feel understood, valued, and loved during the day and especially when they are struggling. 

    Our students and children grow and learn with engaging and supportive teachers, who have been with us for years, and are encouraged to cooperate with their peers, creating a friendly, dynamic and inclusive classroom. Outside the classroom, students participate in the enrichment opportunities that we provide during our monthly studies, WOW experiences and school community building exercises.

    The Meadow’s School is home to many children and adults and has been providing a loving environment and strong foundation for children since 1978.  Our education is child-centered, forward-thinking and developmentally targeted. Most importantly, we care deeply about our children, families and staff that make a home here. We value the many relationships that we build and strive to provide a solid foundation for your child to succeed in all domains going forward. We work together with our families to continue to improve our program and create an atmosphere tailored to your child and family. 

    We foster respect and provide a solid social-emotional program to that end. We always welcome your feedback and build a trusting and close relationship with our partners in teaching, which are our families. Working together with our families, to help develop the whole child,” we make great gains in your child’s future and development. 

    If you are a family considering joining our school, we encourage you to explore our website. If you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer them for you. Our website will give you a peek at our programs, a glimpse of our classrooms and the many ways our school-home community is weaved.  We encourage you to see what we are all about! When you get to know us, you will realize what a special place The Meadow’s School is for you and your child’s first educational experience.

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Madeline, Cindy, Heather